Please note that we cannot ship single samples of 3D panels. This product is shipped via courier service and there is a high risk of damage to the 3D panels. Additionally, the value of a broken sample is questionable. We are confident that you cannot get a true feel for the style of a room or wall with a single panel. Therefore, we only ship a complete set of a minimum of 5 cartons per pallet packed by the manufacturer to minimize damage during shipping. Different models are different quantity per carton. The delivery of this product is made only after payment in advance. Every customer can take advantage of ONLINE discounts in the EFFECT MARBELA online store - Order online, contact us, then receive the order from EFFECT MARBELA warehouse to avoid shipping costs. The pallet shipment will be priced at around 54 BGN to your site. All deliveries are made by the courier companies EKONT and TRANSPRES in Bulgaria at privileged prices for the customers of . For orders in small towns call to specify delivery. If the goods exceed 400 kg, contact us to specify the weight and the best way of delivery for the benefit of the customer. If you would like this type of service, contact us before finalizing the order to specify shipping rates. EFFECT MARBELA allows its customers to open and inspect the goods upon receipt. In the event of any damage to the appearance of the goods during transit, you must contact the courier service to obtain a REPORT of damaged shipment and call us immediately by phone. This item is not like the others - once it has been shipped and reaches you safe and sound, you no longer have the option to return itReplacement or Returns:If the item is not as ordered the customer may return the received item within 14 days (after the date of receipt), provided thatIf you wishIf you wishIf you wishIf you wish because it is already becoming unsafe to transport and will be broken. If the goods are not as ordered the customer may return the goods received within 14 days (after the date of receipt) provided that the goods and packaging are in the form in which they were received, without any damage. Returns are accepted on receipt of the goods and will always be accepted for good reason. The return of the goods is at the customer's expense. Refunds will be made to customers within 14 working days of the date of receipt of the returned goods. Amounts will be refunded in the manner in which they were paid. Replacement of goods is made by contacting us by telephone to specify how it will be most convenient for you to replace the product and what you wish to be replaced. All replacement costs are the responsibility of the Customer. We do not recommend this!